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Regional Dues
Curious as to our budget? Wonder which chapters paid their dues last year?
View our budget by downloading the MTAP Dues file below.

The Middle Tennessee Awards Program ensures the continuation of the Regional Awards Banquet and other recognition within the region.  

Dues are $1 for each member that a chapter submits to the state/national FFA. 
(For example, a chapter that submits 75 members to the state and national FFA on their roster would submit $75 to the MT Awards Program.)
Remember that all students enrolled in agriculture educations classes should be added to your roster since Tenneessee is now an affiliated state. Your chapter will still need to pay $1 for every student. 
Dyersburg High School CTE (2021)

All chapters in Middle Tennessee are strongly encouraged to pay your regional dues, just as you pay state and national dues. Chapters who pay regional dues by April 1 will have all of their state and regional judging cards provided for them for the following school year. (i.e. Schools paying in 2018-2019 will receive cards for 2019-2020).
Send $1 per FFA member and just the last page of your roster report (that shows your total amount of registered members) to Amy Garrison. An invoice template is listed in the below documents and includes the mailing address. 


Middle TN Dues Invoice 2021-22 Amy Garrison 8/20/2021 44 KB
Middle TN Dues Invoice 2020-21 Amy Garrison 8/20/2021 44 KB
2020-21 MTAP Dues Paying Chapters Amy Garrison 9/15/2021 49 KB
2019-2020 Middle TN Budget Will Elliott 11/15/2019 102 KB
2018-2019 MTAP Due Paying Chapters Will Elliott 2/9/2020 91 KB
MTAP Dues Middle TN FFA Admin 7/8/2014 422 KB



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